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Costly Faithlessness

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In the classic work, Cost of Discipleship, Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke of those who desired the blessings of the gospel without having to become disciples or commit their lives to God. He described this idea as “cheap grace.” It describes those … Continue reading

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Evangelism Handout

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Here is a short summary of the Bible and its main thrust with a focus on the response of an individual to the gospel. I created this as something to hand to people along with a Bible in evangelism efforts. It … Continue reading

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Doctrine and Ethics

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Tonight at a Bible study, the point was made that doctrinal statements in the New Testament are given for practical reasons. As a case in point, Philippians 2 was used as an illustration. One of the most doctrinal statements on … Continue reading

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Mars Hill and the Areopagus

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Acts 17:16-34 contains an account of Paul spending time in Athens. The text notes that he observed the “city full of idols.” In the midst of this environment, Paul preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. The location of Paul’s sermon … Continue reading

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Ten Percent

I was recently listening to a Hermeneutics lecture by John Goldingay on iTunes U, and he made an interesting comment that caught my attention. He stated that he approaches the Scriptures with the notion that 10% of what he knows … Continue reading

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Roman Churches

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If there is one thing that we saw often in Rome, it was churches. Churches were literally on every corner. And these were not the austere types of churches that I have attended all my life. They were all architectural … Continue reading

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Protesting a Funeral

I accidentally stepped into the middle of a news story today. On my lunch break, I had an errand to run, and I drove down Franklin Rd. As I passed the Woodmont church, I saw about 200 people with flags. I figured … Continue reading

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