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Lord’s Supper Talk – 2 Ordinances

As Christians, we serve, honor, worship and give our allegiance to God, one God in three persons. We acknowledge that Christ, sent by the Father through the Spirit, is the culmination of God’s plan of redemption and the sole means … Continue reading

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More Creeds Needed

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If you have any kind of background in the Restoration Movement, this title will be truly shocking to you, but finish the post before making decisions. Who knows? You might think we need more creeds, too! There have been a … Continue reading

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Brueggemann’s OT Theology

As I have neared the end of my graduate program, my particular interests have begun to take shape, and this has provided me with a little more specific direction for my future studies. My interests are probably still broad and … Continue reading

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Doctrinal Basis for Fellowship

My last post on fellowship was pretty straightforward, and it provided some basic principles that I think would be fairly universally accepted among believers. From this high view, it would seem like this fellowship thing is a piece of cake. … Continue reading

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Fellowship in the Bible

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The Bible clearly emphasizes the need for unity and fellowship among the people of God. Several passages address this need and provide a basis for fellowship. On one level, fellowship is simple and straightforward. What binds Christians together is their … Continue reading

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Self-Focused or God-Focused?

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In a previous post, I introduced Tom Long’s metaphors for preaching: herald, pastor, story-teller and witness. If you recall, the pastoral image of preaching focuses on the individual, their current situation, and the gospel’s ability to address their problems. I … Continue reading

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Is All of Life Worship?

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This is a hotly debated topic, and people on both sides of the argument seem pretty passionate about their beliefs. I’ve been thinking about this subject, and I’d like to throw in my two cents. There are some pretty big … Continue reading

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