Lipscomb Lecture on Pacifism and Nashville Churches

2015 Summer Celebration

I’ll be presenting at the Lipscomb Lectures (Summer Celebration) this year again on an aspect of the history of Nashville Churches of Christ. As with the last two years, I’ll be presenting alongside John Mark Hicks, Mac Ice and Chris Cotten. The lectures are on July 2-3 at 3:00 pm with John Mark and Mac splitting the Thursday session and Chris and I splitting the Friday session. I’ll be talking on the subject of Pacifism and Nashville Churches of Christ between the Great Wars. Some of the other lectures will address the Nashville Bible School, Jubilee and the division over the Missionary Society. Both days of lectures will take place at the historic Avalon House (old Lipscomb house) beside the High School and across the street from The Well coffeehouse. The lectures are brief presentations (about 25-30 minutes) but high quality from some top scholars (and they let me join them too). If you can come, you are sure to learn some things and be encouraged by some part of our history.

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The Church and Societies

I was recently reading Bainton’s Christian Attitudes Toward War and Peace, which is a history of pacifist thought within Christianity. In his chapter on Waterloo to Armageddon (19th century up to WWI), the following quotation caught my attention, especially as it … Continue reading

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Inferno Readings

Dan Brown’s fictional thriller Inferno uses Dante’s Inferno from the Divine Comedy as the basis for the main puzzle in the book. If you have read any of Brown’s books in the Robert Langdon series (Angels & Demons, the infamous … Continue reading

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Polk and McCalla

My wife and I are slowly making our way through biographies of the American presidents in successive order. Currently, we are on the 11th president, which is Tennessee’s own James K. Polk. For this biography, we are reading from The American … Continue reading

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Shacklett Church of Christ Preaching Appointment

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Recently, I had a preaching appointment at Shacklett Church of Christ in Kingston Springs on Highway 70S. It was a nice group and I was encouraged by worshipping with them. I managed to snap a couple of pictures while I … Continue reading

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2014 Lipscomb Lectures

It’s that time of year again. Lipscomb’s Summer Celebration is here. It’s what happens when a lectureship throws a party (ok, so the name makes me laugh a little). I’ll be speaking again this year on the history of Nashville … Continue reading

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Objections to the Herald of Truth

While there was a great deal of excitement over the Herald of Truth program, it was not free from opposition. In the 1950s and 60s, critics remained in the minority, but they were vocal and intense in their objections. If it … Continue reading

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