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The Church and Societies

I was recently reading Bainton’s¬†Christian Attitudes Toward War and Peace, which is a history of pacifist thought within Christianity. In his chapter on Waterloo to Armageddon (19th century up to WWI), the following quotation caught my attention, especially as it … Continue reading

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Herald of Truth Letter

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I have been going through my files during the move, and I came across a Herald of Truth letter of my grandfather from 1970. The letter is from Batsell Barrett Baxter on behalf of the 5th and Highland Church in … Continue reading

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Meals in Luke’s Gospel

Although the Synoptic Gospels have a similar structure and record many of the same events, they should also be noted for their distinctive account of Jesus, selecting and arranging the material in order to convey important themes and teachings. One … Continue reading

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Evangelism Handout

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Here is a short summary of the Bible and its main thrust with a focus on the response of an individual to the gospel. I created this as something to hand to people along with a Bible¬†in evangelism efforts. It … Continue reading

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When Necessary Use Words

Francis of Assisi is attributed with the following quote: Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words. The good news of salvation is certainly a message to be spread, but part of the good news is its … Continue reading

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