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Polk and McCalla

My wife and I are slowly making our way through biographies of the American presidents in successive order. Currently, we are on the 11th president, which is Tennessee’s own James K. Polk. For this biography, we are reading from The American … Continue reading

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Character and Appearance

We live in a culture where appearance often trumps character. The sexy, wealthy, and stylish are preferred over those with a beautiful character, rich of spirit and modest in adornment. The apostles Peter reminds us that we should strive to … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games

Tis the political season. What better time for a political and societal critique? I just finished my second viewing of The Hunger Games. The first time I saw it in the theater, and this time I watched it at home. … Continue reading

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Thinking about an abortion?

As we traveled home from our vacation today, I saw a billboard near St. Louis that stated something close to “Thinking about an abortion? You have options.” Along with this caption, the billboard provided a number to call. I don’t … Continue reading

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Rush, Convictions and Civility

Rush Limbaugh certainly draws a strong reaction from people. He is greatly adored and severely despised with very little in between. Some consider him a paragon of truth while others disdain his every word. His recent comments directed at Sandra … Continue reading

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Reflections on MLK, Jr. Day

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Today I am off of work for the observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. day, and I’m reflecting on the Civil Rights Movement. It has always been a subject that fascinates me, and I’ve enjoyed seeing its development through the … Continue reading

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Spanking in the News

There are certain news stories that I have never seen in print: “Middle aged man walks to work,” “New York child completes the 2nd Grade,” or “Bluebird Lands on Tree.” After all, those items are not “news worthy.” There is nothing special … Continue reading

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