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The Story of Revelation

Last Sunday, I finished up a 3 sermon overview of the Revelation of John. This was my introduction for the series. C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien may be best known today for authoring fictional series that were … Continue reading

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Learning to Preach

I have finished my class at Lipscomb on Preaching, but I continue to process the information. Even more difficult than processing what I learned is attempting to put it into practice. If I were to distill the lessons I learned … Continue reading

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Entering the World of the Text

I just finished the second weekend of this preaching class, and one of the things that has hit me the most has been an approach to the text that involves imagination. It’s not imagination apart from the text, but a … Continue reading

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The Form of a Sermon

The readings from my preaching class have given me a fresh look into the art of preaching and rekindled my desire to develop sermons and proclaim God’s word. Although I have been preaching for several years, I have had very … Continue reading

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Metaphors for Preaching

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I’ve started Thomas Long’s The Witness of Preaching for my class this semester. This has become a standard text on preaching in many seminaries and preaching classes. I’m not done, but I must say that this book is outstanding so … Continue reading

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Evangelism Handout

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Here is a short summary of the Bible and its main thrust with a focus on the response of an individual to the gospel. I created this as something to hand to people along with a BibleĀ in evangelism efforts. It … Continue reading

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When Necessary Use Words

Francis of Assisi is attributed with the following quote: Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words. The good news of salvation is certainly a message to be spread, but part of the good news is its … Continue reading

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