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Entering the World of the Text

I just finished the second weekend of this preaching class, and one of the things that has hit me the most has been an approach to the text that involves imagination. It’s not imagination apart from the text, but a … Continue reading

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The Value of Church History

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I’m still at it — listening to those iTunes U. lectures. Recently, I have completed a couple of semesters from RTS (Reformed Theological Seminary) on Church History , covering the period of the Reformation to today. Listening to the lectures … Continue reading

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The Form of a Sermon

The readings from my preaching class have given me a fresh look into the art of preaching and rekindled my desire to develop sermons and proclaim God’s word. Although I have been preaching for several years, I have had very … Continue reading

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Community of Interpretation

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Excellent post at Christocentricity blog on Community Driven Interpretation, where the author argues proper interpretation should extend from the community of believers. I remember coming across this idea a few times over the last few years, and it has provided … Continue reading

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Model Behavior

I was encouraged to have stumbled upon this article about Kylie Bisutti on Fox News. Kylie was a Victoria Secret model who quit her job because it was incompatible with her Christian profession. Notice some of her remarks below, although … Continue reading

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Self-Focused or God-Focused?

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In a previous post, I introduced Tom Long’s metaphors for preaching: herald, pastor, story-teller and witness. If you recall, the pastoral image of preaching focuses on the individual, their current situation, and the gospel’s ability to address their problems. I … Continue reading

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