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Wright’s Paradigmatic Interpretation

In my last post, I presented Wright’s OT Ethical Framework, which consists of three major components: God, Israel and the land. Ethics in the OT revolve around these foundational concepts. Wright extends his use of the OT Ethical Framework in … Continue reading

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Wright’s OT Ethical Framework

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I just finished reading Christopher Wright’s An Eye for an Eye: The Place of Old Testament Ethics Today. Wright’s book, Old Testament Ethics for the People of God seems to be an expanded version of his thoughts in this book … Continue reading

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Rush, Convictions and Civility

Rush Limbaugh certainly draws a strong reaction from people. He is greatly adored and severely despised with very little in between. Some consider him a paragon of truth while others disdain his every word. His recent comments directed at Sandra … Continue reading

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Kindle Touch Bible

My wife gave me a Kindle Touch for Christmas, and it has been a fun gift. My reading list for class has kept me tied up with physical books, so I think that she has used it more than I … Continue reading

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Moral and Positive Law

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I have suggested in some previous posts (Embodied Principles and Analogy in OT) that there are principles embedded within the laws of the OT. At its heart, the Law reflects the character of God who gave it. This fact alone … Continue reading

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