Trip Summary and SBS

I had fully intended to have a post already with pics of the trip, but it has been more difficult than anticipated to sort through the pictures, narrow them down, and write a blog about them. Let me just say that my favorite locations were those that had a biblical connection. The ancient ruins of Ephesus were expansive and allowed me to really imagine the ancient city. I could imagine Timothy working with the church there and preaching the gospel in the city. Standing on Mars Hill took me back to Paul’s discourse against the pagan idols. The catacombs in Rome provided the backdrop for the setting for some of the early Christians. There were many more fun things I could mention, but those are some of my more lasting impressions.

Plus, I am in full swing trying to prepare material for a week long class on Table Fellowship in the Gospel of Luke for our Summer Bible Series where I will be teaching the High School/College class. I will try to post the material when I finish it.

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