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Lipscomb Lecture on Pacifism and Nashville Churches

I’ll be presenting at the Lipscomb Lectures (Summer Celebration) this year again on an aspect of the history of Nashville Churches of Christ. As with the last two years, I’ll be presenting alongside John Mark Hicks, Mac Ice and Chris … Continue reading

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The Church and Societies

I was recently reading Bainton’s Christian Attitudes Toward War and Peace, which is a history of pacifist thought within Christianity. In his chapter on Waterloo to Armageddon (19th century up to WWI), the following quotation caught my attention, especially as it … Continue reading

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MLK Jr on Nonviolent Resistance

In a 1957 article for the Christian Century entitled Nonviolence and Racial Justice, King briefly traces the history of African Americans in this country from their first arrival as slaves in 1619 to the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. He further … Continue reading

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Reflecting on 9/11

It’s been 10 years since the World Trade Centers fell, and this is certainly a time for reflection and remembrance. We live in a sin-filled world, and in the midst of evil, confusion and questions, Christians have a message that … Continue reading

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Fudge’s Pacifism

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There have been a few different random and unrelated subjects on my mind lately, namely the morality of a Christian’s participation in war, the question of whether all of life is worship, what kind of dress should be worn in … Continue reading

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