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Wright’s OT Ethical Framework

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I just finished reading Christopher Wright’s An Eye for an Eye: The Place of Old Testament Ethics Today. Wright’s book, Old Testament Ethics for the People of God seems to be an expanded version of his thoughts in this book … Continue reading

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Tradition for Crisis

Tradition for Crisis: A Study in Hosea (1968) was one of Walter Brueggemann’s first publications, if not the first. I picked it up at Lipscomb library, and it proved to exceed my expectations. I’ve been studying the Minor Prophets, so … Continue reading

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The Use of Analogy in the OT Law

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In my last post entitled Embodied Principles in the Old Testament, I spoke about the authority of the OT to provide practical insights into godly living today. This can be accomplished through a process of deriving principles from the Law and … Continue reading

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Embodied Principles in the Old Testament

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I was listening to John Goldingay in an iTunes U. lecture on the law in the Pentateuch, a subject which continues to hold my interest. He spoke about a method of interpretation that is common in dealing with the OT … Continue reading

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Reverence for God’s Name

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I have been aware for some time of the Jewish practice to omit the name of God in oral speech. This tradition stems from the third word in the Decalogue, which states, You shall not take the name of the … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Indictment of Hypocrisy (Matthew 23)

In Matthew 23, Jesus gives a stinging rebuke of the hypocrisy in the scribes and Pharisees. This chapter contains a third of all references in the NT to hypocrite (6 out of 17) so it serves as a fitting place … Continue reading

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The Meal as an Illustration of Kingdom Principles

The meal is one of the most common occurrences for all people, regardless of culture. Meals often reflect social values, and this was true in Jesus’ day. He used the meal as commonly practiced to contrast with principles related to … Continue reading

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