Hello 2014!

Wikipedia commons – Fireworks on the New Year in Bratislava

Hello out there. It’s a new year, brimming with all the excitement of new prospects and new opportunities. Of course, every day the Lord gives us affords these things, but we seem to be a little more mindful about them when we turn the calendar on a new year.

If you haven’t noticed, I have taken some time off of blogging with very few posts in the past 6 months. The Lord blessed me with a new baby and a new house last year, and along with my preaching/teaching duties at church, that pretty well consumed my time the 2nd half of the year.

In the new year, I have tried to define my budget, schedule, reading lists, and other goals a little better. I keep realizing that there is much more I want to do than hours in the day. Listing these goals out certainly helps me to be more focused. Now the tough part – sticking with it. So, good luck with keeping your resolutions. I’ll be working to keep mine (including writing a few more blog posts).

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2 Responses to Hello 2014!

  1. Beth says:

    Hello! I am interested in your reading list, if you are willing to share!

    • Jeremy says:

      Hello Beth. Mostly what I defined was my yearly Bible reading schedule, which consists of reading OT and Apocrypha in English, Genesis in Hebrew and the Gospels in Greek. I need to define my other reading list better, but here are a few titles at the top of it: Miracles, by C.S. Lewis; Grasping God’s Word, by Duvall and Hays; Reading the Old Testament, by Barton; Public Faith, by Miroslav Volf; Inhabiting the Cruciform God, by Gorman; Who Is My Enemy?, by Lee Camp. Are there any books on your reading list?

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