Millersville Church on Truth Magazine Cover

Millersville Truth Mag CoverMillersville Truth Mag HistoryIn the 1970s, Truth Magazine solicited a picture and a brief narrative of churches from the readers. The picture would usually run on the cover, and a small write-up of the history and work of the congregation would be put on one of the first pages. The issue for March 13, 1975 contains information for the Millersville Church of Christ in Goodlettsville. The picture is a scan of a copy, so it’s not the best quality. The history states that the church started in 1953 with about 50 members present, which is a decent size number for a newly formed congregation. This is all I know about the start of Millersville. I wonder if anyone else knows about the conditions that led to the establishment of this church or the church/churches where the first members previously attended. Let me know if you do.

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1 Response to Millersville Church on Truth Magazine Cover

  1. Jeremy says:

    I didn’t even notice at first, but this week marks 60 years for the Millersville church.

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