Those Preaching Douthitts


The Lawrence Douthitt Family
Back row: Ethel, Ezra, Ira, Noah, Cecil
Front row: Boone, Allie, Lawrence, Vada

If you are reading any religious literature (journals, congregational and gospel meeting notices, debates, etc.) among churches of Christ from the mid-20th century, you will likely come across “those preaching Douthitts.” Ira, Cecil and Boone were all active preachers within churches of Christ. My connection to the family comes through Noah, who is my wife’s great-grandfather.

Lawrence and Allie were married in 1882 in Missouri, and they moved their family to Wingo, KY sometime afterward. The children were all born from the late 1880s to around 1900. The preaching Douthitts stayed fairly close to home with most of their work occuring in Kentucky and Middle Tennessee.

I have come across a few fun facts about the preaching brothers.

  • Ira coined himself “The Biggest Preacher in the Brotherhood” because of his size.
  • Cecil was a leading voice for the non-institutional position while his brothers sided with the other camp.
  • Both Ira and Boone were one of the first preachers to preach a gospel meeting for the Madison Church of Christ when the church started in the 1930s.
  • I’ve been reading through the Gospel Advocate for 1946-47, and Ira Douthitt provided regular updates for the Hohenwald congregation for where he preached.

I’d like to learn more about these Douthitts. I’ll add that project onto the list of things to do.

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2 Responses to Those Preaching Douthitts

  1. Jodi Douthitt says:

    Noah Douthitt is my husband’s great-grandfather as well. His name is Joseph Stone Douthitt. We have some of Ira’s and Cecil’s publications.

    • Tim Crutchfield says:

      That means I’m related to your husband. My grandfather was Louis Douthitt who was the second son of Noah Douthitt.

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