Nashville NI Churches

As some of you know, I have been digging into Nashville church history. It seems as if one inquiry has led me down the path of further questions. Broadmoor’s history has led me to consider other non-institutional churches in Nashville and even churches of Christ in general. In part, this is still related to Broadmoor’s history because it allows me to have some context for the Broadmoor church in terms of sister churches. My path seems similar to Mac Ice, a researcher who began to look at the Central Church of Christ and broadened his scope (see his strategy for congregational research here). Mac is several years ahead of me, and he has provided valuable information whenever I have questions. If you have ever googled a particular church in Nashville, you likely found your way to his blog.

Here is a list of non-institutional churches of Christ (NICOC) with associated dates. In many ways, I regret using such a label because a single issue does not and should not define these churches. “Institutionalism” is certainly not the most fundamental doctrine (something more along the lines of Christ’s death would probably take the prize). Yet, on the other hand, these churches do constitute a separate fellowship within Nashville starting in the general period of 1955-1965.

There are many more churches just outside of Nashville, but I have tried to restrict my list to Nashville proper for now. Religious periodicals like the Gospel Guardian, Truth Magazine and Searching the Scriptures have provided occasional references and notes on the churches. References often give me bounds for a church’s date that I have noted with “at latest” and “at least.” Obviously, I still have some gaps (missing dates and possibly missing some churches), so if anyone has any information or contacts, let me know. I might also add that “swarm” is a loose designation that refers to members from one church leaving a group to plant a church in another location. Ideally, it references a congenial and amicable separation for the purpose of a church plant, but unfortunately not every situation fits nicely into that box.

Lastly, let me mention a helpful article on Nashville NI churches that can be found in a 1975 Truth Magazine issue written by Ron Halbrook and Harry Ozment.

Nashville NI Churches

  • Bell Road ([at latest 1984] – present)
  • Bellshire (1961 – Summer 1971)
    • Previously Due West (1955 – 1961); split from Madison over issues
  • Brentwood (1973 – present); swarm from Franklin Rd.
  • Broadmoor (May 19, 1971 – present)
    • Previously Ewing Lane (Oct 21, 1962 – May 16, 1971); swarm from Bellshire
  • Campbell Road (Apr 17, 1985 – present); swarm from Riverside Drive
  • Duke Street ([between 1940 and 1968] – 1990)
    • Previously Dickerson Road (1905 – [between 1940 and 1968])
  • Eastland (Jun 27, 1948 – 1995)
  • Glencliff ([at latest Sep 1964] – [at least 1975])
  • Hillview (Mar 3, 1963 – present); split from River Rd. over issues
  • Kemper Heights (1973 – present)
    • Previously Joseph Avenue (1905 – 1973)
  • McMurray Drive ([at latest Jan 1992] – [at least Dec 1992])
  • Maplewood (Dec 21, 1980 – Jul 26, 1981)
  • Millersville (Apr 26, 1953 – present)
  • Perry Heights (Nov 6, 1960 – present); split from Lebanon Road over issues
  • Riverside Drive (Feb 28, 1937 – present)
  • Rosebank ([at latest Nov 1956] – [at least Apr 1961])
  • Tulip Grove (1974-?)
    • Previously Lakewood (Sep 1967 – 1973)
    • Previously West Side (Apr 1966 – Sep 1967)
  • Woodland Hills ([at latest Dec 1992] – present)
    • Previously Franklin Road ([at latest 1955] – [at least Dec 1992])
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9 Responses to Nashville NI Churches

  1. Cindy Norman Crabtree says:

    My dad, Morris D. Norman, preached at Rosebank in the late 50’s. Probably summer of ’58 through spring ’60.

  2. Curtis Byers says:

    Jeremy,thanks for the work you have done. I’m not for sure, but wouldn’t Campbell Road be a “swarm” from Riverside Drive? Your sources are probably better than my knowledge.

  3. Jeremy says:

    If I make changes above, I’ll post a note. I received some helpful information on Perry Heights including the exact date of their start and that they had been attending the Lebanon Rd church.

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  5. Jeremy says:

    Campbell Rd. start date updated to the exact date.

  6. John Zuccarello says:

    I am looking for information on the old Bellshire congregation.

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