Due West Church of Christ

Due West Church BuildingThe Due West church started in about 1955 from a group that left the Madison church. Some of the families to begin this new work included the Cautherns and the Halls. They met in a couple of different homes for a while before purchasing the building at the corner of Port and Due West, which is about a mile east of Dickerson Rd.

It is likely, although not certain, that the church left Madison over doctrinal differences involving the relationship of the church to institutions and para-church organizations. The reasons for this conclusion include the timing of the new work (as the debate over the issues were beginning to heat up) and the fact that the Due West took a different position from the Madison church. T. C. Cauthern, and possibly others, attended a debate in Rayon City in Old Hickory that involved Don Rudd. This debate played a pivotal role in his non-institutional convictions. If the church was started over the issues, it would have been the first new non-institutional work started in Nashville.

Elders were appointed in 1958 with T.C. Cauthern, Spade Hall and Frank Nabors serving in that capacity. In Sept. 1956, Guy Roberson came to work at the church as the evangelist, and he would stay until April 1961. During this time, the church would thrive, growing to a Sunday morning attendance of around 150. From accounts of former members, they were a close-knit group who often met outside of services at homes, parks and community centers. Due to their growth, the church moved from the Due West building in 1961 to a location on Old Hickory just off of Dickerson Rd, and they became known as the Bellshire Church. All the members who began the Broadmoor church in 1962 would have attended Due West and Bellshire.

The old church building still stands, and it is currently used by The Bible Missionary Baptist Church (at least according to the sign out front).

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2 Responses to Due West Church of Christ

  1. Sweets, did all of the ‘non-institutional’ churches start as a result from breaking off or leaving an ‘institutional’ church? Are there no churches in the Nashville metro who are currently ‘non-institutional’ who were in existence prior to the controversies of the mid-twentieth century?

    • Jeremy says:

      Hey John, thanks for the question. Due West may have been the first “new” work started, but there were several established works that predated the divisions and went NI. I hope to post some more on the history of these churches. A few of these would include Riverside Dr., Joseph Ave. (now Kemper Heights) and Franklin Rd.

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