Gleanings by A. M. Burton

AM Burton Gleanings Picture Andrew Mizell Burton (Feb. 2, 1879 – Aug. 1, 1966) was the founder and owner of the Life & Casualty Insurance Co. in Nashville, TN, and he was a long-standing member of Central Church of Christ. His great wealth allowed him to be a generous philanthropist, giving large donations to David Lipscomb College, Nashville Christian Institute, and many others. In my first few years at Lipscomb, I took my classes in the Burton building, named in his honor.

At one of Lipscomb’s book sales a year or Gleanings Covertwo ago, I came across one of his books entitled Gleanings. The book contains a potpourri of poems, stories and articles. Many of these were delivered in the weekly publication for the Life and Casualty employees intended to “inculcate the principles of thrift and right living.” There is also a section of religious articles and documents. Included among these are an article entitled “Real Religion – Practical Christianity,” which served as a prospectus for a church in downtown Nashville, a statement of the works of Central Church of Christ, a speech delivered by C. M. Pullias to the school of salesmanship for the company, a bill proposed before the state legislature about teaching the Bible in the public schools, and an article on how to become a Christian. There are also some nice pictures of Central Girls Home, the Central Educational Building, and Burton with his daughter horse back riding.

The book appears to be a Christmas gift, inscribed by Burton to J. S. Batey on 12/25/1932. There is also one of his business cards in the book. It was a neat find, and I’m still finding more interesting items in it.

Gleanings Inscription

Burton Business Card

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2 Responses to Gleanings by A. M. Burton

  1. Luke says:

    That is a neat find! Burton played a key role in the development of churches of Christ in the Nashville area.

  2. mac says:

    Very nice. J. S. Batey was Superintendent of Fanning Orphan Home on Murfreesboro Road, on the old Fanning property. His daughter Irma Lee taught songleading at DLC for years; trained a generation of DLC-educated song leaders through her courses. She published a book or two. The Batey’s were from Smyrna; LU should have a little pamphlet biography of J. S. B.

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