Ewing Lane Church of Christ

Ewing_Bulletin_v05_n08_196708_p1One of the projects that I have been trying to tackle as time permits is a congregational history of the Broadmoor church. Ultimately, I would like to get it all written down, but for now I am simply collecting information, and I plan to write a few posts on different aspects of their history.

This year of 2012 marks 50 years of existence for the Ewing Lane/Broadmoor Church of Christ. The Ewing Lane church started in the Fall of 1962 after a group of 7-10 families left the Bellshire church. The church building was a converted house located at the corner of Dickerson and Ewing Lane. The building is no longer there as it was removed when the old Kroger shopping center was built. During the years at Ewing Lane, the church produced a bulletin called “Glad Tidings,” and the one above is one of my favorites. It provides an invitation, an identity statement and a map of the location of the church. In May of 1971, the church would relocate a quarter mile down the street to Broadmoor Dr. (Ewing Lane changes its name to Broadmoor Dr. at Dickerson Rd.).

The invitation from the August 1967 bulletin below reads: “You should worship the Lord on the Lord’s Day… Let this Sunday be the day that you begin to worship with those who worship in the same way as did those of whom we read in the New Testament. Assemble with us where one may be just a christian. Where you can sing and pray to God, eat the Lord’s Supper in memory of Christ, hear the Word of God preached and give of your prosperity. You will find these things to be true of Christ’s church meeting at 126 Ewing Lane.”

If anyone has any pictures or other information about the Ewing Lane church, I would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment or email me. Thanks!

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2 Responses to Ewing Lane Church of Christ

  1. Gene Jenkins says:

    An excellent project, Jeremy! Have been wondering why no bulletin at Broadmoor any longer… was a great way to not only keep in touch with church family but also teach, as well.

  2. Bob Hawkins says:

    Bill Hawkins was my father and I remember fondly the time we spent at Ewing Lane. I was only a teenager during our years there, but there were many faithful families I remember with great respect. My father died in January 2011 with complications from Parkinson’s, but he always loved the Lord and never lost his zeal for the truth!

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