Thinking about an abortion?

As we traveled home from our vacation today, I saw a billboard near St. Louis that stated something close to “Thinking about an abortion? You have options.” Along with this caption, the billboard provided a number to call. I don’t remember the organization, and I don’t know much more than what I saw. I tried in vain to Google the billboard image.

The debate over abortion always seems to be raging in this country, and this is particularly true during a political season. It is amazing to me to see the type of discourse that takes place on this subject and many others. People choose their sides and castigate the other group. At times, it seems like the only kind of discourse that occurs is when protesters clash and try to out-shout the other side. So, maybe that is a bit of an overstatement, but sometimes it feels like it is true.

Back to that billboard. What I loved about the question it posed is that it seeks to address the issue on a personal level in an effort to show kindness and seek a solution. The best way to address this issue is not by lining up in a protest line and trying to out-shout the other side, or even, out-vote the other side. The best way to effectively change people’s minds is to offer love and kindness on a personal level. Abortion must be more than a policy. It should be an opportunity to show care and concern in a difficult circumstance. Maybe it would be more effective if every Christian offered their home for adoption (and I know many who have and would). Maybe, fewer abortions would occur if young women felt they had any hope or any way out of the mess. I believe Christ can supply that and Christians can show the kind of sacrificial love that will leave a true impact.

So, that’s my ideal. I have to question myself how I am going about that and what I am doing to fight against abortion. It’s certainly easier said than done.

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2 Responses to Thinking about an abortion?

  1. Patrick says:

    Great post. I think a lot of pro-life people have been coming to the same conclusion. Check out

    • Jeremy says:

      Patrick, I think you are right. This thought was first impressed on me by Stanley Hauerwas in Resident Aliens. Since then, it has been a helpful shift in the appropriate response of Christians and the church. Thanks for the link!

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