Book Spine Poetry

The Eerdmans blog at EerdWord is having a poetry contest. The goal is to create a poem out of the spines of books. Since I have a few books, the project looked like fun, so I put a couple of poems together for submission. Today is the last day to submit and voting will occur next week.

The rules were pretty straightforward: 1) use at least three books, and 2) one of the titles has to be published by Eerdmans.

You can see all the entries by clicking here.

So, here’s my contest entries…

A Little Exercise
A little exercise for young theologians

Scaling the secular city

Walking in the ways of the Lord

Grasping God’s Word

In the Grip of Grace

The Church and Chicken Soup
The Church

A gathered people

Thirsty for God

Come to the table

Satisfy your soul

Chicken soup for the soul

Being consumed

In the name of Jesus

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6 Responses to Book Spine Poetry

  1. Rob Sparks says:

    That’s really cool. I’m going to my shelf right now to give it a whirl!

    And, man, I’ve got a lot of those books.

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