Top 11 Posts from 2011

2011 was my first full year of blogging. Thanks for stopping by.

Here’s the top 11 posts in 2011 in terms of hits. Several of these posts had key words that were often searched, vaulting them to the top.

  1. Doctrine and Ethics – a discussion of the interplay between doctrine and ethics. Ethics naturally flows out of doctrinal positions and beliefs.
  2. Finding Instruction in the OT Law – One of my earlier posts on the OT Law that uses Webb’s “Ladder of Abstraction,” complete with my own adaptation of his chart.
  3. N.T. Wright on Romans – Summary of Wright’s summary on Romans.
  4. Roman Churches – Observations on churches from my trip to Rome, Italy.
  5. Fundamental Truths from John 3:16 – Bulletin article with some lessons derived from John 3:16.
  6. Meals in Luke’s Gospel – Details about the emphasis of Luke’s Gospel on Meals and its role in the book.
  7. Chronology in Galatians – Discussion of the chronology of Galatians 1-2 and its relationship with statements in Acts.
  8. Protesting a Funeral – Observations on the protest of a military funeral in Nashville by the Westboro Baptist Church.
  9. Romans 7 and the Struggle with Sin – Discussion about whether Romans 7 refers to a Christian’s or non-Christian’s struggle with sin.
  10. He is Risen Indeed! – Reflection on the early church’s greeting based on the resurrection of Christ.
  11. Theologians Make Lousy Jokes – A poor retelling of Christopher Wright’s joke on eschatology.

And for an honorable mentions, check out The Ethics of Technology, which considers the Christian’s response to technology and ethical decisions that arise with its use and Is All of Life Worship? which considers the metaphor of worship in other aspects of daily life.

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