He is Risen Indeed!

Christ is risen!The early Christians swapped a greeting that indicated the foundational nature of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

One individual would say:

Christ is risen!

The other individual would respond:

He is risen indeed!

This greeting affirmed their belief in the truth of the resurrection. There was a shared solidarity in this pivotal event. They knew that the resurrection of Jesus had serious implications for the world. The resurrection proved a defeat of death and the power of sin. It proved that there would ultimate divine victory over the evil and decay that has plagued this world since Adam. Death will give way for new life. Sorrow will be turned to joy. Wickedness will cease and righteousness will rule the day.

In the person of Christ, the kingdom of God was announced and declared in a special way. His resurrection is an indication of the future fullness of the kingdom. One day, God will set the world to rights. Everything will be whole, just and right.

This is why we can live in a world of evil and suffering. The resurrection makes sense of the world and directs us to a certain way of living in the present. We live with an acknowledgment of victory in Jesus.

It’s Easter Sunday, a time when many in Christianity celebrate the resurrection of Christ. It has been a tradition to continue that ancient greeting on this day as a reminder of the solidarity Christians share in the gospel story. So, as I close, there is only one thing left to say to you. “Christ is risen!”

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3 Responses to He is Risen Indeed!

  1. Curtis says:

    He is risen indeed!

  2. luke douthitt says:

    He is risen indeed!

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