What Kind of Millionaire Would You Be?

Dani JohnsonYesterday I wrote about some of my thoughts on the show Secret Millionaire. After looking at their website and reading about the millionaire Dani Johnson, I couldn’t help but ask what kind of millionaire would I be (if I were one, of course). When people dream about striking it rich or winning the lottery, they often immediately think about the stuff they can acquire and the luxurious lifestyle they can live. It’s rare to see individuals who have the ability to have very nice things but intentionally live a different life. It was refreshing and inspiring to read of a woman who wanted to be known for her character more than her wealth. She desires a simple life, devoted to family and helping others. She would have the praise go to God rather than self.

So, what kind of millionaire would I be? What kind would you be? In truth, we probably don’t have to wait until we are rich to find out. In most cases, we will be the same person then that we are now. If you are a giving person now, you will probably be then. If you are not now, you probably won’t be then, either. You never have to wait to develop your character.

It all comes down to realizing that there is more to life than money. That’s a lesson that all need to learn – rich and poor alike (and everyone in between).

You can read the entire interview here. It’s worth your time.

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2 Responses to What Kind of Millionaire Would You Be?

  1. Darleen says:

    I can’t wait till I can write a check for someone trying to adopt a child to pay for their legal expenses! Until then I’ll continue giving to in ways I’m able now:).

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