Secret Millionaire

I watched an episode of Secret Millionaire Saturday night, and I thought it was a pretty good show and descriptive of the Christian character. The concept is that a millionaire poses as a volunteer, and then gives some of their money to causes they find that are worthy.

First of all, I love the concept of leaving a place of comfort and going to where the need exists. This is the essence of the incarnation of Christ, and it should be a regular consideration of Christians. Dani Johnson, the secret millionaire, didn’t just send a check, which would have required no actual social interaction. She left her family and home, traveled to a place of great need, and became a part of their lives.

Love Kitchen SistersOne of the dangers of the show is that the viewer would conclude that helping is just for millionaires. But, this shouldn’t be the conclusion at all. In fact, the millionaire was giving to those who had already devoted themselves to the worthy cause of charity and community support. A couple of the most memorable characters were the two sisters who started the Love Kitchen to provide food and a home environment to those in need. They didn’t view wealth as a prerequisite to help.

The closing words in the show came from Dani, the secret millionaire, and they were helpful.

You don’t have to make a lot of money to give back. Give what you got.

The show made me want to do more. Hopefully, it becomes more than just good intentions.

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2 Responses to Secret Millionaire

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  2. Darleen says:

    We watched this show too, it was so good to see a wholesome show. Great example for us to have service to others. Great comments!

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