Church Themes

Broadmoor has loosely used a “theme” the last few years, and I believe these have been very helpful. The elders have chosen a biblical topic, and the church has focused on this theme throughout the year with regular Bible readings, sermons, songs and talks. It often provides a cohesion to the worship, and it rallies the congregation around a common goal and theme.

The last three years have consisted of the following themes:

  • Read Your Bible (2009). There was a strong focus for the entire church to completely read the Bible in a year. Sermons were offered monthly as an overview for the sections of the Bible covered in the daily readings. This year was particularly helpful because the theme was not just a Bible topic but an action to be completed. I believe that the continual conversations and reminders helped many people stay on track. Musings from the daily readings often became topics of conversation after worship.
  • The Psalms (2010). The book of Psalms was read in the public assembly and individual psalms were also used for song services. This collection of poems and songs provides a rich source for individual and corporate devotion and worship.
  • The Gospels (2011). This year we are reading through the Gospels in the public assembly. Questions are being handed out in the bulletin for individual and family study throughout the week. I plan to preach about half of my sermons from the Gospel text for the week, and I know the other preachers plan similar sermons.
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