Psalm 2 Prayer

This is a prayer based on my reading and reflection of Psalm 2 (NASB, NIV):

O Sovereign King! Ruler of the Universe and All Nations!

You are in control, and all things are within your power. Yet, nations rise up, scheme and make plans without you. They deceive themselves into thinking they are in control. They proceed as if nothing could stand in their way. Dear God, convince the nations that you are God, that you are in power. Let rulers acknowledge you and lead in a way that is mindful of divine principles.

What’s even worse, dear God, is that I often live without fully considering you and submitting to your sovereign will. I lack the strength of the nations but not their pride. I am deceived into thinking that I am in complete control of my life. Yet, you are still Lord! May I always be aware of your might. Let my life be a testimony of your goodness. May it be characterized by submission to your will and not my selfish obstinence.

Woe to those who forget you, dear God! It is a terrifying thing to fall into your hands, having lived in defiance.


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