Psalm 1 Prayer

One of the things that I would like to do in this blog is focus on my devotional time with God.  I plan to write out some of my prayers that are based off of readings in Psalms.  Here’s my first attempt.

This is a prayer based on Psalm 1 (ESV, The Message):

Oh Father!  Direct my steps and guide my heart.  Let me find blessing in the way of righteousness and shun the way of evil.  Allow peer pressure and the desire to fit in with the world to disappear from my heart.  May you be my only desire!  Let your word be a source of strength in difficult times.  May it be in my thoughts day and night!  For there is no time that I do not need its enduring message.

Dear Father, I find stability in your way – just like a tree is firmly rooted in the ground. Lest the allurements of the world look appealing, teach me to know its instability and ultimate hopelessness.  Sin provides a veneer of joy, but its foundation is sorrow.

All things are in your hands, and all people will fall under your  judgment one day.  Keep me in your loving care in the judgment!

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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